The payments cannot go through. What reasons may be?

According to our experience, possible reasons for the failure of the payment might be:

  • (1) Incorrect or incomplete Card/Account information
  • (2) Inadequate credit or account balance
  • (3) Your card is not set up for online transaction
  • (4) Authorised or default online transaction limit is to low
  • (5) Technical problems with the payment system.

We suggest you:

  • (1) Double check your Card/Account information to make sure it correct.
  • (2) Use a different Card or payment method.
  • (3) Contact your bank to enable related functions (e.g Online payment) or get more details.

If it is not working, here are two other ways you can try. Firstly, please try it again later using another internet browser. If it does not work you may DELETE COOKIES to refresh your computer. But you need to log in again on our website if you choose this way.

If all the above suggestions cannot help you solve the problem, please email us via providing the error message on our website when you failed to finish the payment, we can make further investigation of that then.